iDuelpro Lite 앱 리뷰

Nothing needed to change

I owned this app for six years now and I was happy with how it was the format was simplistic and easy to understand I want the old format back. They also took out the die and coin toss option. Or it is hard to find. They messed with perfection and they failed at it

New app

I what the original one this new one is junk ☹

Yugioh is awesome

Works fantastic.


I use it while i play yugioh and i play it alot😃

Really good

No problems

Love it

Been playing duel monsters 4 a while and hated when I didnt have a calculator and my opponent did. This app is a life saver for those who use it. 5 stars

Pencil? Calculator?

Who needs 'em? This app is perfect.

Very helpful

Helps a lot with lp. Definitely beats pencil and paper, and wins over the calculator when it comes to halving, doubling, and those akward overlaps when the second player's lp get too high

Great app

I love using iDuel. It makes keeping track of life points much easier.


Great app couldn't ask for better


This is very kool... 5 Stars

Best app

This is a cool app it is just as good as the one that cost a $1.

It's great!

Been playing duel monsters for ten years. Something like this is just too good!


Love it Worth it being free

Good for my friends!

I have friends who play, and they need to keep life points constantly. This app helps a lot.

Loved it

I really liket it alot


Milk is good!!!!!

Duel Lite

Very good

I duel pro

Very convenient


Very good app. I use it all the time


It works and that's all that counts.


Great app

Its really cool

And is eassier to make our duels

best app ever never a problem has coin flips dice rolls and adds and subtracts perfectally. best:)



Best calculater for elite dualist I use constently ,works flawlessly !


Cool app

I like it

Goood app


this thing is the best thing better than i could have imagined i just have to say this app should come with all of the yugioh episode songs! that would be epic and someone needs to make yugioh trading card game as an app free like kcvds


It's a very good app. It's very handy. I don't need to worry about a coin or anything. It's awesome but it could have been better if it could work for more than 2 players.

Great app

Ive used this app in tournaments and its a great app super fast and i never have to worry about dice or coins


Love love love it. Great for yugioh!

Yugioh rulez

It's the best

Jmeir lambie

I love it!! I use it in every duel I'm in and now my friends are having it too!! Thank you so much!!


This is a fantastic and a very conveniant app 5 stars all the way


Very handy


I love this app!!!!!!!!


This app just eases all of the stress people go through for lp so this is just great. I can't imagine the pro



Every day thing

Man this app is great it eliminates all things hard about keeping track in yugioh. I use this app everyday and it rocks!



A good app for duelists.

Tis good. :D


If you are a duelist, this app is a must have. It's so easy and this is only the lite version of this. With 2dollars, you get more incredible additions such as token counting and spell counter, no more dice! And if you still have to have the dice, both versions have a dice simulator AND a coin simulator, just in case of card effects and deciding who gets to go first. This is Amazing!!!!!!!!


Very useful, I use it every day


Very convinient. (: sorry non proper grammar.


It's really useful for the ppl who aren't that good at, well keeping up with your life points in your head!

I love this app

If you duel u need this app so simple so cool

Great app

This app is great. Get it now if you duel. Helps alot in squasing debates on who really won and how many lifepoints you really have. The only thing I didn't like was the coin flipping thing... I think it should show a real dice simulation or a coin simulation... Other than that this app is flawless.


Awesome very nice

Super special awesome

The only thing bad on this app is that I can't use it when I pay card games on motorcycles. Just kidding. I hate 5ds. Best dueling app. :P

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